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Guide to the Suzy Conway Collection of articles and ephemera pertaining to Edward Gorey.

EPH 5004


Collection Summary

Title: Suzy Conway Collection of articles and ephemera pertaining to Edward Gorey
Dates: 1960-1998
Collection No.: Ephemera 5004
Extent: 2 linear feet
Language: Collection material in English
Repository: University of Notre Dame. Hesburgh Libraries, Department of Special Collections. 102 Hesburgh Library, Notre Dame, IN 46556
Abstract: Collection of magazines, clippings, dust jackets, and other ephemera containing illustrations of Edward Gorey. Also includes book catalogs, profiles of Gorey, and reviews of Gorey works.

Administrative Information

Restrictions: There are no access restrictions on this collection.

Preferred Citation: Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: Collection number (i.e., Ephemera 5004), Suzy Conway Collection of articles and ephemera pertaining to Edward Gorey, Department of Special Collections, Hesburgh Libraries of Notre Dame.

Acquisition and Processing Note: Donated to the Library by Ms. Suzy Conway and her brother, Robert M. Conway in 1984.

Container List

  • Box 1 (EPHEMERA 5004) 
    • Five Instant Lives by Howard Moss and Unpublished Fragments by Lewis Carroll. Antaeus  no.13/14 (1974:Spring/Summer). 
      • English Summer: A Gothic Romance Raymond Chandler. Antaeus  no.23 (1976:Autumn). 
        • The Right of Divorce Donald J. Cantor. The Atlantic Monthly  v.218:no.5 (1966:Nov.). 
          • The Blind Harper: At Home with the Impoverished Anglo–Irish Mary Manning. The Atlantic Monthly  v.232:no.4 (1973:Oct.). 
            • Where There's a Well... Mary Manning. The Atlantic Monthly  v.236:no.3 (1975:Sept.). 
              • Who'd Blame Her? Mary Manning. The Atlantic Monthly  v.237:no.3 (1976:Mar.). 
                • [Rhinoceros drawing]  Avant Garde  no.3 (1968:May). 
                  • The Gilded Bat: Part 2 Edward Gorey. Ballet Review  v.1:no.4 (1966). 
                    • The Gilded Bat: Concluded Edward Gorey. Ballet Review  v.1:no.5 (1966). 
                      • [Cover illustration]  Ballet Review  v.4:no.1 (1971). 
                        • Balletgorey Tobi Tobias. Dance Magazine  v.48:no.1 (1974:Jan.). 
                          • Section 1: A Primer on Crowding. Edward Gorey. Design and Environment  v.3:no.2 (1972:Summer). 
                          • Box 2 (EPHEMERA 5004) 
                            • A Chthonian Christmas  Esquire  v.66:no.6 (1966:Dec.). 
                              • The Incredible Revenge of Edward Gorey Alexander Theroux. Esquire  v.81:no.6 (1974:June). 
                                • The Pious Infant Regera Dowdy. Alias Edward Gorey. Evergreen  v.9:no.35 (1965:Mar.). 
                                  • Leaves from a Mislaid Album Edward Gorey. First Person  no.1 (1960:Fall). 
                                    • Edward Gorey Onstage Peter Andrews. Horizon  v.20:no.3(1977:Nov.). 
                                      • The Miracle of Ash Wednesday Yevgeny Zamyatin. Edward Gorey. The Kenyon Review  v.28:no.112 (1966:Nov.). 
                                        • The Wedding Racket Peregrine Pace (Mrs. Kendall Stebbins Bryant). Look  v.33:no.12 (1969:June10). 
                                        • Box 3 (EPHEMERA 5004) 
                                          • The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Sex Karen Durbin. Mademoiselle  August 1976. 
                                            • [Cover illustration]  Mystery Writers Annual  1995. 
                                              • The Disrespectful Summons.  National Lampoon  v.1:no.20 (1971:Nov.). 
                                                • [Cover illustration]  National Lampoon  v.1:no.21 (1971:Dec.). 
                                                  • The Awdrey-Gore Legacy Edward Gorey. National Lampoon  v.1:no.23 (1972:Feb.). 
                                                    • The Abandoned Sock Edward Gorey. National Lampoon  v.1:no.28 (1972:July). 
                                                      • The Happy Ending Edward Gorey. National Lampoon  v.1:no.36 (1973:Mar.). 
                                                        • A Dozen Stupid Things to Do on a Wet Sunday Afternoon Edward Gorey. National Lampoon  1974:June. 
                                                          • The Worsted Monster Edward Gorey. National Lampoon  1974:June. 
                                                            • Gorey Goes Batty.  The New York Times Magazine  October 6, 1977. 
                                                              • A Gorey Story Robert Cooke Goolrick. New Times  v.6:no.6 (1976:Mar.19). 
                                                                • Dracula Lives!  Newsweek  v.90:no.18 (1977:Oct.31). 
                                                                  • Gothics by Gorey.  Newsweek  v.90:no.18 (1977:Oct.31). 
                                                                    • A Gorey Story Marilyn Stasio. Oui  v.8:no.4 (1979:Apr.). 
                                                                      • Een Ziek Leesplankje.  Panorama  jaarh.60:nr.35 (1973:aug.25-31). 
                                                                        • The Deranged Cousins Edward Gorey. Partisan Review  v.36:no.2 (1969). 
                                                                          • [Cover illustration] American Library Association Program Guide  (1994). 
                                                                            • Edward Gorey Address Book.    1998. 
                                                                              • The Edward Gorey Bestiary 1984 Engagement Calendar. 
                                                                                • Gorey Endings: A Calendar for 1979. 
                                                                                • Box 4 (EPHEMERA 5004) 
                                                                                  • Bio D. Keith Mano. People Weekly  v.10:no.1 (1978:July 3). 
                                                                                    • Ukridge Starts a Bank Account P. G. Wodehouse. Playboy  July 1967. 
                                                                                      • What Is Life? Robert Sheckley. Playboy  December 1976. 
                                                                                        • An American Original Carol Stevens. Print  v.42:no.1 (1988:Jan.-Feb.). 
                                                                                          • [Cover illustration] Publishers Weekly  v.207:no.20 (1975:May 19). 
                                                                                            • Edward Gorey Simon Henwood. Purr  Spring 1995. 
                                                                                              • The Black Doll [Screenplay] Edward Gorey. Scenario  v.4:no.1 (1998:Spring.) 
                                                                                                • Cycling Cards Edward Gorey. Sports Illustrated  v.44:no.24 (1976:June 14). 
                                                                                                  • The Beastly Baby Edward Gorey. Town & Country  v.128:no.4616 (1974:Feb.) 
                                                                                                    • Tragedies Topiares Edward Gorey. Town & Country  v.143:no.5113 (1989:Oct.) 
                                                                                                      • [Cover illustration, special edition]  Town & Country's Select Guide to the Ins and Outs of Tennis.  [special issue] 
                                                                                                        • Bats, Cats, Dracula and the World of Gorey Michael Ryan. Us  v.2:no.4 (1978:June13). 
                                                                                                          • Funny Speculations on Ways Famous Lives Might Have Been Lived Howard Moss. Edward Gorey. Vogue  May 1974. Drawings by Edward Gorey. 
                                                                                                            • Random Walk Edward Gorey. Worth  v.3:no.1 (1994:Feb.). 
                                                                                                              • Random Walk Edward Gorey. Worth  v.4:no.5 (1995:June). 
                                                                                                              • Box 5 (EPHEMERA 5004): Miscellaneous Items 
                                                                                                                • Annotated bibliography of Edward Gorey in Suzy Conway's private collection. 
                                                                                                                  • Book reviews. 
                                                                                                                    • Dust jackets. 
                                                                                                                      • Invoices and correspondence with Gotham. 
                                                                                                                        • Postcards. 
                                                                                                                          • Christmas cards. 
                                                                                                                            • "Dracula" programs. 
                                                                                                                              • Publisher's advertisements. 
                                                                                                                              • Box 6 (EPHEMERA 5004): Coffee Mugs 
                                                                                                                                • Box 7 (EPHEMERA 5004): T-shirts/ Sweatshirts 
                                                                                                                                  • Box 8 (EPHEMERA 5004): Cards, Stamps, Buttons 
                                                                                                                                    • Box 9 (EPHEMERA 5004): Miscellaneous Items