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Guide to the Tom O'Flaherty Collection

MSE/IR 1082


Collection Summary

Title: Tom O'Flaherty Collection
Dates: ca.1932-1935
Collection No.: MSE/IR 1082
Extent: 29 folders;1 box.
Language: Collection material in Irish and English.
Repository: University of Notre Dame. Hesburgh Libraries, Department of Special Collections. 102 Hesburgh Library, Notre Dame, IN 46556
Abstract: A collection of papers of Tom O'Flaherty including manuscript and typescript fiction and autobiography, and letters, all apparently written from 1933 to 1935.

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Aran Islands
O'Flaherty, Tom

Administrative Information

Restrictions: There are no access restrictions on this collection.

Preferred Citation: Tom O'Flaherty Collection, Department of Special Collections, Hesburgh Libraries of Notre Dame.

Acquisition and Processing Note: The Tom O'Flaherty Collection was purchased at Mealy's Auction, December 2016. Arranged and described 2017, by Aedín Clements.Finding aid 2017, by Aedín Clements.

Biographical Note

Tom O'Flaherty (Tomás Ó Flaithearta)(1890-1936), was born and grew up on the Aran Island of Inis Mór, and emigrated to America in 1912. He was the older brother of writer Liam O'Flaherty (1896-1984). He spent twenty-one years in America, working as a journalist, and editor, and an organizer in Labor and Communist organizations. He was involved in the American edition of the Irish Worker and founding editor of the Voice of Labor. He was on the editorial staff of the weekly Worker and later Daily Worker and also contributed articles to Political Affairs and the Labor Defender.He visited Russia twice and was a founding member of the Communist League of America.

In 1934 he returned to Ireland and published two collections of stories, Aranmen All (1934) and Cliffmen of the West(1936). He was one of the founding editors of An t-Éireannach, an Irish-language socialist newspaper.He died in 1936.

In his Irish-language writing, he is usually known as Tomás Ó Flaithearta, and some of his American writing is written under the name T. J. O'Flaherty.

For biographical essays, see Lawrence William White, "O'Flaherty, Thomas" in the Dictionary of Irish Biography(Cambridge, 2009), and Diarmuid Breathnach and Máire Ní Mhurchú, "Tomás Ó Flaithearta (1890-1936)" in ( For an account of O'Flaherty's work with An t-Éireannach, see Éamon Ó Ciosáin, An t-Éireannach 1934-1937: Páipéar Sóisialach Gaeltachta (1993).

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of 13 letters, and 26 folders of typescripts and manuscripts.

Arrangement Note

Material is arranged with letters first, followed by Irish language manuscripts, followed by English-language typescripts and manuscripts.

Container List

  • Tom O'Flaherty: Collection of Letters to and from various people. ca.1934 Folder 1 (MSE/IR 1082-1)
    10 letters.
    Two letters to newspaper editors seeking employment and summarizing his experience (carbon copies); 2 letters from Hugh Findlay re: Aranmen All;a letter to Alec Connolly, Secretary to Mr. Sean Lemass, inquiring about employment with An Gúm; a carbon copy of a letter to Bob (Robert O'Flaherty); a letter from a Mr. O'Flaherty of the Chicago Daily News; a carbon copy of a letter to W. B. Sands, Sands and Co., London; a letter from Georges Schreiber to Liam O'Flaherty.
    • Tom O'Flaherty: Letter to Senator Thomas Johnson, Dáil Éireann. 25 September 1933 Folder 2 (MSE/IR 1082-2)
      4 typed pages, carbon copy.
      Suggestions on economic rehabilitation of the Gaeltacht.
      • Tom'Flaherty: Letters to Lily Laverty. 12 September 1932-10 January 1933. Folder 3 (MSE/IR 1082-3)
        3 TLs. 5 pages.
        To Lil, from 31 Bunker Hill Street, Charlestown, Mass., 12 September 1932, 3 pages; to Lil, from Gortnagapall (Inis MÓr), 28 December 1932, 1 page; to Lil, from Gortnagapall, 10 January 1932, one sheet (both sides).
        • Tom O'Flaherty: Ádh an Amadáin [the Luck of the Fool.  Folder 4 (MSE/IR 1082-4)
          Ms, in pencil, 14 pages.
          Short story in Irish with a scored-out title, "An Fear a raibh Faithne ar a Phluic [The Man who had a Wart on his Face].
          • Tom O'Flaherty: OÍdhche Shamhna.  Folder 5 (MSE/IR 1082-5)
            MS,in pencil, 7 pages.
            An essay on Halloween with a reminiscence from the author's youth, in Irish.
            • Tom O'Flaherty: Various writings in Irish.  Folder 6 (MSE/IR 1082-6)
              Ms, 28 pages.
              Feannadh na n-Eascon [an essay on the killing and preparing of eels]; An Iarthar Dúisiuighthe (a short piece in praise of a dramatic production in Galway); miscellaneous writings; Slighe agus Fághaltas Mhuintire Inismeadhoin (essay on Inis Meáin); Iarsmalann curtha ar bun i nIolsgoil na Gaillimhe (short article on desire for a museum to preserve traditional household items of Connacht); Saoirseacht an Phápa (short news column on the status of the Papacy); Naomh Bríghid [Saint Brigid]; Ag Iasgaireact le Líonta Tarraingt Ar Cheann Gainimh; Ag cur beithidhigh a bhFairrge ar Cheann Gainimh dá gcur ar Bord chuig an ngaltán (two short articles on fishing); Onórú ár gCéad Bliadhain de Shaoirseacht ár gCreidimh (article on the planned celebration religious freedom); Na Féiseanna Faoi Seacht seóil (a short article in praise of the feiseanna, Irish cultural events).
              • Tom O'Flaherty: [Pádraig]: Caibidil a Dó.  Folder 7 (MSE/IR 1082-7)
                Ms., 23 pages.
                Chapter 2 from a story in Irish about Pádraig, a man from the Aran Islands who has returned from America. The chapter begins: 'Bhí mná ar a raibh cótaÍ dearg olainn fighte on Árainn ... ag teacht ar bord agus ualaigh ortha..." [Women were coming aboard wearing red woven wool coats...]
                • Tom O'Flaherty:[Pádraig]: Caibidil a Trí.  Folder 8 (MSE/IR 1082-8)
                  MS, 19 pages.
                  Chapter 3 of story in Irish of Pádraig's return to the Aran Islands.
                  • Tom O'Flaherty:[Pádraig]: Caibidil a Ceathar.  Folder 9 (MSE/IR 1082-9)
                    Ms., 25 pages.
                    Chapter 4 of story in Irish of Pádraig's return to the Aran Islands.
                    • Tom O'Flaherty:Red Crone's Island/Red Island  Folder 10 (MSE/IR 1082-10)
                      Typescript, 14 pages.
                      Part of a novel given the title 'Red Island' and later changed to 'Red Crone's Island'. Pages 1-14.
                      • Tom O'Flaherty: Red Crone's Island  Folder 11 (MSE/IR 1082-11)
                        Typescript, 19 pages.
                        Chapter 2, pages 8-23; pages 8,3,4.
                        • Tom O'Flaherty: Red Crone's Island  Folder 12 (MSE/IR 1082-12)
                          Typescript, 11 pages.
                          Chapter 4, pages 24-34.
                          • Tom O'Flaherty: Red Crone's Island.  Folder 13 (MSE/IR 1082-13)
                            Typescript, 10 pages.
                            Chapter 4.
                            • Tom O'Flaherty: Red Crone's Island  Folder 14 (MSE/IR 1082-14)
                              Typescript, 29 pages.
                              Chapters 5 and 6, pages 40-68.
                              • Tom O'Flaherty: Red Crone's Island  Folder 15 (MSE/IR 1082-15)
                                Typescript, 28 pages.
                                Chapter 8, pages 63-90.
                                • Tom O'Flaherty: Red Crone's Island  Folder 16(MSE/IR 1082-16)
                                  Typescript, 32 pages.
                                  • Tom O'Flaherty: Red Crone's Island  Folder 17 (MSE/IR 1082-17)
                                    Typescript, 15 pages.
                                    • Tom O'Flaherty: Red Crone's Island  Folder 18 (MSE/IR 1082-18)
                                      Typescript, 33 pages.
                                      Chapter 12, pages 138-170.
                                      • Tom O'Flaherty: Red Crone's Island  Folder 19 (MSE/IR 1082-19)
                                        Typescript, 19 pages.
                                        Chapter 13, pages 171-188; 225-226.
                                        • Tom O'Flaherty: Red Crone's Island  Folder 20 (MSE/IR 1082-20)
                                          Typescript, 24 pages.
                                          Chapter 14, pp. 227-250.
                                          • Tom O'Flaherty: Red Crone's Island  Folder 21 (MSE/IR 1082-21)
                                            Typescript, 18 pages.
                                            Chapter 15, pages 251-268.
                                            • Red Crone's Island  Folder 22 (MSE/IR 1082-22)
                                              Typescript, pages 269-286.
                                              • Red Crone's Island  Folder 23 (MSE/IR 1082-23)
                                                Typescript, 23 pages.
                                                Chapter 17, pages 267-309.
                                                • Red Crone's Island  Folder 24 (MSE/IR 1082-24)
                                                  Manuscript, 143 pages.
                                                  Pages 121-243.
                                                  • Red Crone's Island  Folder 25 (MSE/IR 1082-25)
                                                    Typescript and manuscript, 2 pages.
                                                    Pages 239-240.
                                                    • Tom O'Flaherty Autobiography  Folder 26 (MSE/IR 1082-26)
                                                      Typescript: 7 pages.
                                                      Chapter 2, pages 8-14.
                                                      • Tom O'Flaherty Autobiography  Folder 27 (MSE/IR 1082-27)
                                                        Typescript: 2 pages.
                                                        Pages 8 and 21.
                                                        • Tom O'Flaherty Autobiography  Folder 28 (MSE/IR 1082-28)
                                                          Typescript: 5 pages.
                                                          Chapter 3 (incomplete), pages 15-19.
                                                          • Tom O'Flaherty Autobiography  Folder 29 (MSE/IR 1082-29)
                                                            Typescript: 2 pages.
                                                            Pages 2 and 3.